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Printed packaging tape

Printed Packaging Tape suppliers from is considered to be the best way to promote your goods safely in transit, because of the low price and the amount of visibility that a box gets when it is being delivered, for example the box you seal with your goods in passes through to your dispatch area, then from dispatch to the delivery driver, then from the delivery driver to the delivery depot, then form the depot to the actual driver that will be delivering your parcel, then from that individual he carries it in public to your house or business address, and even leaves i in reception or gives it to you in-front of other people. Here is the suppliers list

printed packaging tape

So imagine the amount of people that have seen your printed packaging tape sealed around the box, you’ve probably had 30 sets of eyes see your branding. This is free advertising and it also serves a double purpose to seal your boxes too. You could argue that the main function of custom packaging tape is to be seen rather than to seal your box but luckily for you it does both.

We use a PVC vinyl tape to seal our boxes , its 40 microns thick and its printed in 2 colors, we initially used a company called world tape but now we use PTDN as we can configure the prices online and buy and have our tape delivered quickly.



Many companies use bespoke packaging tape these include morrisons, asda, pc world, tesco, sainsburys and amazon to name but a few. Fragile tape is also a

If you would like to buy custom tape then i would suggest you buy a 1 or 2 colour print because the price does increase with the amount of colours you use and then you have your plates charge , artwork charges, delivery charges and so on the price does increase.

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